Hors D’oeuvres

Option 1 ($15.95 Per Person)

Spicy Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed with cheese, sausage, onion and red peppers.

California Cheese Display

Pepper-jack cheese, Colby-jack and cheddar garnished with seasonal fresh and dried fruit and nuts.

Grilled and Chilled Vegetable Tray

Marinated and grilled red pepper, carrots, spears of asparagus, green and yellow squash, served with a Mediterranean aioli.

Caprese Skewers

Fresh mozzarella, sweet cherry tomatoes, and basil with balsamic glaze.

Savory Meatballs

Choice of creamy parmesan, sweet and sour, BBQ or marinara.

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Option 2 ($16.95 Per Person)

Gourmet Cheese Display with Baked Brie

Including gouda, creamy chevre, and havarti cheese. Presented with baked brie with choice of filling (apricot and almonds, raspberry and walnuts, or pesto and pine nuts.) Accompanied by dried fruits, mixed nuts, berries and grapes. Served with slices baguettes and gourmet crackers.

Vegetable Crudite

Includes cucumbers, squashes, carrots, cherry tomatoes, celery and more. Serviced with ranch sauce for dipping.

Savory Meatballs

Choice of sweet and sour, creamy parmesan, BBQ or marinara.

Cocktail Prawns

Large prawns garnished with lemon zest and served with our zesty cocktail sauce.

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BBQ Slider Buffet

Slow-Roasted Pulled Pork or BBQ Beef

Served with sautéed onions, shredded cheddar and jalapenos. Includes the following:

$14.95 pp

Assorted Brownies OR Cookies

Assorted Split Rolls

Homestyle Mac 'N Cheese

Southwestern Cole Slaw

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Pasta Bar

Option 1 ($16.95 Per Person)

Cavitappi and Penne Pastas

Served with bolognese, marinara and creamy primavera sauces.

Antipasto Tray

Marinated olives, vegetables, salami and provolone.

Classic Green Salad

Served with italian and ranch dressings on the side.